Tips On Making Interesting Social Media Ads For Your Marketing Campaign

There is no room for doubt. The use of videos in marketing is growing. Even though YouTube has been available for over 20 years, the popularity of video marketing for local companies has recently increased because to the introduction of new social media platforms.

Online lead generation and brand recognition may both be improved with the help of social media video advertising.

As the epidemic pushed more companies online, video became as a popular marketing tool. It’s no secret that the world has become obsessed with 9- to 15-second films thanks to sharing services like Instagram’s and TikTok’s. Lighthearted video content, which is ideal for internet viewers with short attention spans, has contributed to the rise in popularity of social media.

What are the most effective social media platforms for promoting videos?

You may increase the number of people who see your films by posting them on various social media platforms.

However, not all social media platforms handle video in the same way, nor do they attract the same user base. Finding out where your target demographic really spends their time online can help you choose which platform is most suited for promoting your company.

Gen Z and younger millennials make up a large portion of TikTok’s prospective user base. Facebook may, however, be the place to debut your advertising if you’re targeting a more mature or multicultural demographic.

The vast majority of business people now utilise LinkedIn. But you can also discover a lot of individuals on Instagram, which is great for getting people interested and involved.

Set your video goals, investigate your consumer personalities, and select the channel that most matches each purpose and target when organising your video marketing strategy.

Don’t overwhelm yourself at first by setting too many objectives. Just focus on one or two. Try making films to promote your business and encourage audience participation, for instance. Just as crucial as sharing your films on social media is gauging their success.

Aiming High with Your Video Ad Campaign

Here’s the deal: your objectives will dictate the scope, resources, and interpretation of your data. You can’t evaluate the efficacy of your video marketing if you don’t have any targets. Setting goals keeps you on track and ensures that your marketing is productive.

To what extent do the various social media video channels vary from one another?

Choosing a distribution platform is a necessary first step before moving on with video production. Video material on various social media sites varies in terms of scheduling, audio, audience, and video streams.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine and has a massive user base. It’s a great option for video marketing because of its diversified user base of 2.3 billion people throughout the world, as well as its combination of short and long-form video content.

YouTube also provides useful analytics for businesses looking to learn more about their viewership and demographics.

Youtube videos require a bit more technical know-how than Instagram stories or TikTok videos. However, one advantage is that your videos may be embedded on other platforms, such as your website.


Instagram’s video capabilities span a wide range, from Stories and Reels to Live and IGTV. Ads on Instagram play in the user’s Feed, Stories, and Explore sections. You may adjust how much you pay on advertisements thanks to the flexible pricing options.


Every day, more than 4 billion videos are seen on Facebook. Therefore, you should definitely promote your company.

The success of a Facebook advertisement depends on its ability to grab the reader’s attention right immediately. You’ve given them a good reason to look up from their screens now.


LinkedIn’s social media atmosphere is distinct from that of other platforms since it was created specifically for business people. LinkedIn articles often focus on business and professional topics such as networking and job searching.

But that doesn’t imply interesting videos can’t be made. However, video may help establish your company as an industry leader and showcase satisfied customers.

Promoting a webinar or promoting an event with a LinkedIn video might help bring new customers or attendees.


The younger generation’s go-to video platform is quickly becoming TikTok. The platform allows users to effortlessly produce interesting and amusing films using short-form videos, in-app filters, and a large music collection.

The system behind TikTok’s video recommendations is artificially intelligent. This results in easier content discovery for consumers, which in turn increases the potential for your material to become viral.


Pinterest is a social media video marketing gold mine that gets overlooked from time to time. Users are more likely to interact with Pinterest advertising since they are included in the main feed and play immediately upon appearing in a user’s feed.

Users of Pinterest are often in search of creative ideas. Customers in this mindset are prime targets for video advertisements. Earned media such as repins is simple to get, and everyone appreciates a free promotion of their company.

Make sure your Pinterest video ad is concise and engaging. Users have up to 12 minutes to upload a video to Pinterest, although the platform recommends keeping it to less than 10 minutes.

Organising Video Content for Social Media

It’s not as simple as shooting a video for social media and crossing your fingers that it goes viral. A well-planned, scripted video will almost always outperform an impromptu one.

Of course, there are other videos, like Instagram Reels, that may be made quickly and easily without the need for scriptwriting because the audio is already recorded. However, you should keep in mind that they must be consistent with your overall brand and content strategy.

Examining Your Video Marketing Data and Insights

Including video in your marketing plan is pointless if it isn’t generating conversions. Your next move should be to investigate the analytic information provided by each video platform you employ.