Scheduling Instagram Videos For Maximum Exposure

Yes, you read it correctly: Instagram Reels may now be scheduled by anyone for improved Instagram marketing efforts.

Learn how to use Vista Social to plan and publish your Instagram Reels in this helpful lesson.

Vista Social posts Reels directly to Instagram, whereas competing companies just automate publishing reminders.

Instagram reels: what are they?

Reels on Instagram are videos up to 90 seconds in length that you may upload to your profile feed and then share or discover using the app’s “Explore” tab. You may utilise them for content marketing purposes including brand narrative, entertainment, lead generation, and product promotion.

Instagram video editors have a lot of options to choose from in the Instagram Reels editor. Stickers, augmented reality ( AR ) effects, unique audio, and the ability to stitch together several movies are just some of the features available.

Scheduling Instagram Videos for Maximum Exposure

To plan Instagram Reels, you will need both a business presence on Instagram and a scheduling application that allows for direct posting of Instagram Reels.

You can count on Vista Social to have what you require quickly.

Vista Social is more than just a glorified push notification app because it allows you to schedule and upload Instagram Reels in advance.

Learn how to plan ahead with Vista Social and Instagram Reels by reading this guide.

Step 1: Sign in with your Instagram

Choose “Quick Add” and then “Add Social Profile” to connect your Instagram account with your Vista Social profile.

From the drop-down, select the Vista Networking entity you wish to work with. Entities are a useful tool for agencies to handle the finances of their many customers.

Please proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.

In the list of social networks, choose “Instagram business profiles.” When you’re ready to share your Instagram reels videos with the world, choose the Instagram company profile you want to utilize & click the ” link to One account” option.

Once your Instagram company page has been verified, you will be able to access it from the “Social Profiles” section of the Vista Social admin.

Second, establish a regular timetable for Instagram’s automatic posting.

Establishing a regular posting schedule will make releasing future articles much simpler.

From the primary control panel, choose “Settings” and then “Publishing Settings.”

In “Publishing Queues,” choose the Instagram account and organisation you wish to publish from. The automatic posting schedule for the profile on Vista Social is displayed.

Time slots for publishing can be added to your calendar by clicking “Add a slot.” Simply selecting the bin next to a slot and clicking it will clear it.

Launch the Vista Networking publishing application.

Select ‘Publish a single post’ from the dashboard’s ‘Publish’ menu.

From the “Social Profiles” menu on the left, pick the Instagram account associated with your company. It needs to show up on the right-hand “Preview” panel.

Create a post for your Instagram Reel by creating a description and include relevant hashtags. Click the “Add video” button to begin choosing a clip for your Reel. (click the video recorder icon first).

Videos may be uploaded to Vista Social directly from your computer or media collection, a website URL, or the “Discover” tab. The uploaded video setup box will appear once you have selected the preferred way of importing the footage for your Reel.

The real Reel will not be affected by the available choices here. You may save time and effort by keeping your video assets in one place for use in several Vista Social postings.

To keep working on your Instagram Highlight Reel, select “Finish Upload.”

Select “Reel” from the “Publish as” drop-down option in the Publish tool to return to the reel format. This is what you’ll see beneath the post preview.

Select a cover or thumbnail

Putting the finishing touches on your Instagram Reels video.

Get creative and plan a captivating thumbnail or cover picture ahead of time. To achieve this, go to the Publish page and then click the “Pick thumbnail” button.

Text, images, and picture overlays are just some of the things you may do with a custom thumbnail. Create a catchy preview image using a tool like Canva.

Set up a Reel for Instagram

Select “Add to queue” and continue with “Next” if the publishing schedule you created in Step 1 is satisfactory.

Select the time slot you’d want your Reel to air in, either the next one or the last one, on the next page. To publish your post permanently, select “Schedule.”

If you want to post the Instagram Reel video at a specific time, instead of clicking “Add to queue,” choose “Schedule” from the Publish menu. The best times to post to your Instagram Reel may be determined according to a schedule you create.

Set up Instagram Highlight Videos

Third-party tools, such as Vista Social, allow you to pre-schedule Instagram Reels, therefore the answer is yes. Use the platform’s built-in scheduler in conjunction with the direct publication to Reels capability to set up a publication schedule for your Reels.

Reels are superior to posts

Short-form videos like how-tos, comedic sketches, and trendy effects work well on Instagram Reels. However, Instagram postings are crucial for establishing credibility and attracting new visitors to your website.

You can quickly and simply schedule Instagram stories.

Vista Social makes scheduling Instagram Reels a breeze.

Vista Social’s post scheduling and direct posting for Instagram Reels may cut social media marketing time by HOURS every week. Create a no-risk trial and see how it functions in practise.