How To Post Stories On Instagram?

Do you ever hit a wall while trying to think of content for Instagram Stories? Here are three options for sharing content from your Instagram feed or stories. You’ll never need inspiration again once you read this!
Instagram is a digital utopia for artists. In addition to the traditional newsfeed and slideshow formats, we also have Instagram Stories and IGTV at our disposal.

Stickers, videos, boomerangs, and everything else at our disposal notwithstanding, it might be difficult to know where to begin. Trying to come up with content on Instagram is challenging for just about everyone at some point.
But I thought I’d share three easy things you can post on Instagram that you might not be doing already. Time spent “thinking” and creating material may be greatly reduced by applying these strategies. The groundwork has been laid before you even hit publish.

These three Instagram Story posting ideas all entail reusing material from elsewhere. I’ve updated this piece to include a fourth suggestion, as Instagram released a new version as I was writing it.

Furthermore, these posts aid you by drawing attention to either your own Instagram material or the work of another Instagram user to whom you wish to give a shout out.
When you’re at a loss for what to share on Instagram Stories, try these three simple suggestions!

These three sorts of posts may seem simplistic, but they may rescue the day when you’re at a loss for what to share on Instagram. Let’s investigate them one by one.

Incorporating your own Instagram Feed posts into your Story

This may sound like a no-brainer, but sharing your fresh material on the newsfeed with your story’s readership if they would be interested in it is a certain method to increase your reach. Once upon a time, we had to resort to various workarounds, such as taking a snapshot of our feed or composing a CTA, to do this. At best, it was a nuisance to use.
The viewer may access my post in their news feed by tapping the image above, which will open in a new tab. This is a quick and simple way to increase engagement with your Instagram feed postings.

Incorporating a post from someone else’s Feed into your own Instagram Story

With this new Instagram function, you can effortlessly add anything from your feed to your story. Basically, you may share content from anybody else’s public Instagram feed directly to your own Story.

It may be a post about a buddy or business partner you want to back, a charity event you’re excited about, a product you really appreciate, or anything else that inspires you. Inserting a sticker of that content into your own Instagram Story is a quick and easy way to share it.
Include a Feed Post in your narrative by doing the following:

  • Locate the update that you wish to promote.
  • To access the post’s aeroplane icon, click here.
  • A screen prompting you to “Create a story with this post” will load after you click this.
  • The update will show up in your feed just as described. To personalise, type, sticker, or hashtag as needed. Your Instagram Story viewers will be able to visit the original post and profile by clicking the profile name that is automatically tagged by Instagram.

Can you almost taste the mutual affection?

You can only use this function if your profile is visible to the public.

When you’re at a loss for what to share on Instagram Stories, give some thought to how you may use this in a unique way.
Alternately, you may mention someone whose work is relevant to your own readers. In this instance, the KOG Marketing case study was relevant to my target audience.

Incorporating a post from another user’s Instagram Story

When given the chance, this is one of my favourite Instagram Stories to share. For this choice to function, you’ll need to be tagged in someone else’s Instagram story.

But if a buddy tags you in their Instagram Story, the floodgates open for what you may share! This is how it functions:

Someone in their social media network or as a business collaborator includes you in their tale by tagging you.
The person who tagged you will notify you of the tag. It’s in your DMs, so check there.
When you click on the alert, you may add their experience to your own.
Add this to your own story by clicking the button. The size of the embedded picture may be altered, and personalised touches like text and GIF stickers can be added.
In the updated Instagram Story, the original poster will be tagged. This implies that giving praise is automatic, and you don’t even have to think about it. Anyone who reads your updated post may now easily access the source material.
But what if you don’t want people talking about your work?

You may disable this feature if you don’t want your material shared. When viewing your Instagram Story, choose the three dots in the upper right corner labelled “More,” and from the resulting menu, pick “Story Settings.”

Then, in Story Settings, you can decide who sees and may respond to your tales. You may also use a toggle to allow users to post photographs and videos from your tales. In my opinion, continuing to do so is worthwhile since it helps your content reach a wider audience and generate more comments and shares. However, there may be situations in which you desire this. A least we have a choice!