Mastering Instagram For Your Brand

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media sites online. Facebook bought the social network in 2012, and since then it has only gotten better and more polished. Instagram is a site for sharing photos and videos, in case you were wondering. It is possible to read the updates of other users and respond to them in various ways (liking, commenting, etc.).

To help businesses in Essex make the most of Instagram, we consulted with Revive.Digital, a firm that specialises in digital marketing and site design.

Instagram, why?

You’re probably not an ardent Instagram user if you’re wondering what the big deal is about. In spite of this, Statista (September 2017) reports that the service has more than 800 million active users each and every month.

Although investing time and energy into social media marketing and branding for your business may seem like it will not pay off, it actually can. It’s user-friendly and allows businesses to easily publish material on their profiles.

Captioned images and short films (not more than 60 seconds) are used for this type of content. In many cases, visual material even outperforms text-based posts on social media. Therefore, advertising to your target demographic using a purely visual medium like Instagram is highly effective.

Important Instagram for Business Functions

While Instagram’s primary use is for users to share photos and videos in their feeds, the platform also offers a number of useful tools and data that may be put to use to make the platform work better for commercial purposes. To achieve your full potential on the social network, you need take advantage of all its capabilities. We recommend using the following ones:


A few years back, Facebook began offering advertising options for company pages. Companies could now place ads on the news feeds of people who fit specified demographic criteria. Facebook promptly imitated Instagram’s implementation of these features.

Instagram advertising functions similarly to Facebook advertising in that it targets specific users with posts and stories. It’s a fantastic strategy for reaching out to a wider audience. A specific audience can be reached by specifying criteria such as age, gender, and location. This simplifies marketing efforts and makes them feel more worthwhile by increasing the likelihood that they will be viewed by a potential buyer.


Instagram Stories allows users to record and share memorable moments from their day. The photographs and videos you share on your story will appear at the top of your profile and the feeds of other users for a whole day. With these brief updates, businesses can let their viewers in on the action and reveal what really motivates them. Telling stories is a terrific approach to put a face on your company.

Points of View

Instagram’s Insights feature is a useful tool that is only accessible to corporate accounts. Analytics and account information are presented. Gained or lost followers, audience size, post interaction, and other metrics.

These are just a few examples, but Insights is one of the most important ones. To make the most of your time on Instagram, you may use this feature to see which of your posts receive the most likes. Insights allows you to do this by monitoring and tracking your progress to see what works and what doesn’t.

Use of a Hashtag

While they may have begun on Twitter, they have since spread to other networks. You may make your Instagram posts, profiles, stories, and highlights more discoverable by using hashtags. Users can track topics of interest by following hashtags, and content can be filtered using the search box. Make good use of them because they improve the findability of all of your material. A post can have up to fifty hashtags (but five to ten is optimal).

If and When to Update

There are two tried-and-true methods for increasing comments and likes on your Instagram pictures. Just what are they? The first is obviously to post at the appropriate moment. The second is making sure you’re uploading relevant material. When someone is online, relevant and high-quality material will magically appear since the internet knows what it wants. But we’ll go into more depth about each of those points below.


You read it right; there is a prime time for Instagram updates. Businesses that posted on Instagram at specified hours and on specific days saw a significant increase in interaction with their content, as determined by the platform’s scheduling tool. This is when most people are online and checking their feeds on social media. This increases your content’s visibility and its potential for engagement.

In terms of days, I learned that Wednesdays and Thursdays are ideal for publishing material, whereas Sundays tend to be less successful. When should content ideally be published?

Necessary Ingredients

While there is some variation in the kind of material that perform well on Instagram, there are three overarching themes that consistently perform well. Quality comes first. The quality of the photographs and videos posted to feeds is important to users. Don’t share photographs that are grainy, fuzzy, or oversaturated. The second is that of human interest.

As we’ve discussed before, humanising your brand by sharing stories about your employees can help you connect with customers. It presents the human side of a company or brand. Finally, customers want material that is specifically about your firm.


The discussion ends here. You can now start using Instagram to promote your company. Please keep in mind what we’ve discussed here. Use everything at your disposal; it’s all geared towards making your business’ Instagram account better. Make sure you’re posting relevant material at peak engagement times. Get out there and make Instagram work for your company.