Tricks To Make Money as a Social Media Influencer

Whether you’re after a second income or a complete career shift, becoming a freelance social media manager might allow you the flexibility to pursue your interests while at work.

However, getting started may be challenging, and you may have more questions than answers about monetizing your social media management efforts. Let’s go through the basics so you can begin going.

Who Are Freelance social media managers?

Clients seeking to outsource their social media strategy and management might employ a freelance social media manager.

Freelance social media managers often juggle many clients and employers.

Freelance social media managers may provide the following services:

  • Methods for Promoting Your Business on Social Media
  • Making editorial schedules and keeping them updated
  • Making something up (photography, design)
  • Documentation composing
  • Posting at predetermined times
  • Policymaking for the neighbourhood (engaging with followers, answering DMs and comments)
  • Research and reporting analytics

Here are the best qualities of successful social media managers who work independently.

You’ll need to hone your entrepreneurial spirit in addition to your knowledge of social media management if you plan to go the freelancing route.

In spite of your skill at satisfying customers, your company may fail if its operations are shaky.

If you want to be a good social media manager, you need to have the following nine abilities.

Documentation composing

The visual content of social media has increased over the years, but a well-written caption may do much to foster an active user base.

The best social media postings are brief, humorous, and easy to read, therefore freelance social media managers should have strong authoring and editing skills.

Producing New Material

The role of a freelance social media manager encompasses numerous tasks, including the development of posts and other material. It’s not uncommon to be asked to provide visual elements, such as graphics or TikTok videos, or even photographic imagery.

You don’t need to have any prior experience with Photoshop, though. Canva and other similar tools make graphic design a breeze by providing premade layouts for various social network postings.

A smartphone with the ability to capture footage and edit it for several social media sites is essential if you want to use apps like TikTok or Instagram. Keep in mind that different platforms have different requirements for both video and still images.

The Art of Community Administration

Many individuals engage with a company’s social media channels. It is possible for a social media manager to be responsible for responding to every direct message, remark, and review they receive.

Many companies choose to outsource this part of their social media management because of the time commitment involved. To effectively manage a community, one has to be well-organized (so that no customer service concerns are overlooked), careful (so that no brand rules for tone of voice are broken), and sincere.

Reporting and analysis

One cannot overstate the significance of this. Clients will look to you to collect and evaluate the vast amounts of data provided by social networks. To gain useful insights from data, you need to be able to analyse it effectively.

Your clients will want to see the outcomes of your efforts on a regular basis, so be prepared to report on them.

Your social media reports have to detail the outcomes of your efforts, highlighting audience expansion, engagement, reach, and, if relevant, direct sales and conversions.

Promoting and selling

You need to be able to market yourself and your services to clients as part of your freelancing business. As a social media manager, you probably didn’t require this talent in the corporate world, but as a freelancer, you’ll find it indispensable.

Freelancing’s greatest challenge is? You may lose a customer if a project they commissioned concludes and you do not have a replacement client ready to go. To succeed as a freelancer, you must train yourself to always look for fresh possibilities.

Sales of your social media services will become second nature the more you do it.

Relationship management in the context of client interactions

It is possible to expand one’s business by working to better connect with one’s clientele. It seems to reason that if your customer enjoys working with you, they will continue to give you projects. They could even provide a testimonial for your website or promote you to their connections.

Successful social media management requires an emphasis on developing and sustaining connections with followers. Despite the significance of maintaining strong connections with your present clientele, you shouldn’t ignore the potential of developing new ones. Potential and current customers should be kept informed of your availability.


Managers of social media platforms should always be aware of what’s happening in their industry. Everything from Internet jokes to breaking news qualifies here. Without it, social media marketing might appear outmoded or irrelevant.

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Wendy’s advertised a unique gift for the victor of the USA vs. England match. If you’re from the winning nation, you may download the Wendy’s app and get a free order of fries.

Strategy and marketing

Knowing how marketing tactics will affect your social media efforts is a must. A social media marketing plan that supports the client’s business goals might fall under your purview; if not, you’ll probably be expected to adhere to an existing one.

Every social media update should be analysed for its potential to expand the client’s customer base. With with planning, any social media update may become interesting reading material.