When And Why To Schedule Instagram Posts.

Is there any point in pre-planning Instagram updates?

Create a more all-encompassing content approach

Considerable data from Instagram shows that various formats, such as carousels, pictures, Stories, and videos, generate varying levels of interest from users.

Make additional time in your schedule to engage with your audience.

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance can do nothing but improve your time management.

That means you’ll have more chances to engage with your audience and respond to their feedback.

Better time management results in better content.

Last-minute Instagram postings are a surefire way to wear yourself out. Scheduling Instagram posts in advance allows you to work efficiently in batches and produce higher-quality content.

Make your marketing efforts outside Instagram seamless.

Creatives, landing pages, and promotions should be consistent across all platforms, from organic and paid social to email and beyond. The result is happier customers.

Promote teamwork and creative thinking

Once more, scheduling provides an incentive for businesses to start developing content early on.

This allows for more discussion and collaboration among marketing staff to determine which captions and graphics will be most effective.

Collaboration and Instagram scheduling go hand in hand, and both are useful for social teams and marketers seeking input from clients or influencers. Using an approval system for social media posts makes it easy to have many people review information before it goes public.

Schedule your Instagram posts with these 5 helpful hints

We can’t stress this enough: Instagram growth does not occur automatically if you schedule posts weeks or months in advance.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you schedule your first Instagram post as a company.

To increase interaction with your social media posts, you should

Scheduling has the extra benefit of freeing you from the constraints of traditional “business hours.”

We found that there is a link between the time of day a post was made and the level of interaction it received on social media.

Although these times aren’t definitive for follower engagement and may change depending on your time zone, they do provide light on when the typical Instagram user is online:

Sprout Social’s ViralPost algorithm optimises post scheduling to boost interaction for businesses utilising Instagram as a promotional channel. You won’t have to assume or make a haphazard decision about when to post based on the reaction of your followers; instead, you’ll have hard facts to back up your decision.

Be really careful while writing captions.

As far as interaction goes, it’s no secret that Instagram captions are prime real estate.

They shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten about. In each thread, think about:

  • What is the hashtag that you’re using on Instagram? What is the total amount? Do they appear in your initial remark (below)?
  • Do any account tags need to be added?
  • Did you include a suitable “call to action” in your writing?
  • How does this caption stack up against the last one or ones you’ve written?
  • Your Instagram captions, like the rest of your content strategy, ought to offer a wide range of perspectives and voices.

By planning ahead, you may examine your captions critically and inject some diversity into your feed. Similarly, before publishing, you may check that you’ve included all relevant information and hashtags.

Monitor your content schedule closely.

In continuation of the preceding point, scheduling your posts according to a predetermined content schedule promotes both diversity and consistency.

As you schedule your updates, consider the following:

  • Are we publishing content frequently enough (daily, weekly, etc.)?
  • Do we have a good mix of material types (video, carousel, and photos) planned out?
  • How will we promote this material (stories, questions in calls to action) to maximise interaction?
  • Is it possible to share this stuff on other platforms (like Facebook) simultaneously?
  • Before making this post public, have the relevant parties had a chance to examine it?
  • If you can answer these questions, you may be assured that your future postings will be well-considered and goal-oriented. Here is a preview of a content calendar on the Sprout app:

Schedule dedicated time for communicating with clients.

Scheduling Instagram photos doesn’t make your profile any less “active,” contrary to common opinion.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Again, scheduling makes time for real-time communication with consumers possible.

Keep an eye on the alerts and make sure the comments area is always active. For the sake of customer pleasure and retention, it’s important to be proactive and reply to social consumers as soon as possible.

Recognize the importance of pausing your schedule

It may be necessary to halt regularly planned content in the event of a brand emergency or as part of a larger crisis management operation.

Failure to do so may give the impression of insensitivity or lead to a lack of engagement on the part of your followers. If you want to avoid damaging your company’s image, avoid releasing promotional content on holidays, solemn days, or after tragic events.

This demonstrates how scheduling posts on Instagram is about more than just leaving your brand to its own devices. It’s worth noting that Sprout has tools for pausing planned articles and picking them back up at a more convenient moment.

Are you prepared to schedule your own Instagram posts?

Scheduling your Instagram posts is a great way to improve your presence on the platform and get back valuable time in your hectic schedule.

It may sound easy, but to get the most out of Instagram scheduling, you need to know the ins and outs of each post and how to get the maximum interaction from your followers.

You can achieve just that with the help of the aforementioned guidelines and technologies like Sprout. Sprout Social’s entire set of social media capabilities may be seen in action by signing up for a trial today if you haven’t already.