Instagram Polls To Boost Engagement

In a pinch for a method to increase Instagram likes and comments? Polls on Instagram are the way to go. These are a great approach to have some lighthearted brand interaction with your target demographic. Plus, you can easily get a feel for people’s reactions and use that to guide your own judgement.

Confused about how to make a poll on Instagram? This tutorial will show you how to use Instagram poll stickers from start to finish. We also provide some excellent suggestions on how you may utilise them to increase participation.

Instagram Polls/Poll Stickers: What Are They?

You may use Instagram polls, an interactive tool, to pose questions in your Stories and have viewers vote on up to four possible responses. You may use them in your Story by sticking them on. You may ask your Instagram followers a question and provide them with multiple choice answers by using a poll sticker. The proportion of voters for each choice is displayed, and you can even publish the results to Stories.
Asked: “Why Use Instagram Polls?”

To begin with, what’s the point of making Instagram polls in the first place? Is it even something companies should be thinking about? Let’s look at the main advantages of utilising Instagram polls to determine the answers to those questions.

Prompt Participation and Interest

Using polls, your audience can participate by providing feedback on a specific topic. They can quickly and easily offer feedback with only a tap, which may pique their interest in participating. This makes it more likely that they will engage with the Story rather than skipping it. Instagram polls are a fantastic tool for increasing participation and attracting new followers.

Gain Instantaneous Insight

Although surveys are an excellent way to gather information, they can take a lot of time to administer. Polls are a fantastic tool for gathering immediate opinion in critical situations. Instagram polls are a great way to gauge audience opinion on any issue, from picking a new profile photo to scheduling a live video.

Learn Who You’re Talking To

You may learn a lot about your audience’s preferences, interests, and expectations by conducting polls to find out what they think. When putting together a major undertaking, this is invaluable. You may get their input on anything from the name of a potential keynote speaker at a forthcoming event to the viability of a potential new product or service.

Instagram Poll Instructions

Don’t worry if this is your first time using a poll or this platform. Making a poll for your Instagram Story is a breeze.

To begin a new Story, open Instagram and either swipe right or press on your profile symbol. You may also access your profile by going to your profile page and clicking on the profile symbol.

If you’d like to make a poll without a backdrop image, proceed to Step 2. Tap the Create button in the left side. Take an image with the Stories camera or swipe up to select an existing shot from your collection to use as a background.

Main screen’s sticker menu, select “Poll”

The fourth step is to enter your question into the question section. Fill out the blanks below with your responses.

Depending on the question being asked, a simple yes or no may suffice. Or it can be more in-depth, giving respondents a choice between, say, four alternatives. The bottom “Add another option” section can be used to provide a third choice if necessary.
Phase 5: To complete making your poll, click the “Done” button. Well, that settles it. To get people voting on your poll, simply touch the arrow button at the bottom of the page to publish it to your Stories.

3 Inspiring Instagram Poll Questions

You’ve learned how to design polls on Instagram, and now you might be curious about how to put that knowledge to use. Get some inspiration for your Instagram advertising campaign from these cool poll ideas.

Make a Guessing game

Audiences can be amused by guessing games you create. This would include having participants speculate by selecting one of the available answers. You may then either wait until the next Story or the next day to disclose the solution. Many fans might be enticed to play if they get an opportunity to test their knowledge and do it right.

This Story game may be about whatever you like. You might, for instance, have them speculate on the identity of your next offering. Alternatively, you could present a number of potential campaign themes and have them vote on the one they think will win.

Raise Interest in a Future Occurrence

Use the interactive nature of polls to get people excited about anything like a live broadcast, summit, performance, product launch, or even a party. The days preceding up to the event might be used to conduct a series of polls. The goal is to direct people’s attention on the event at hand by providing them with interesting, relevant stuff to interact with.

Ask them what they want to gain by attending. For instance, you may inquire as to their interest in ice sculptures and champagne towers.

Promote Your Product Range

It’s human nature to want to flaunt your wares every once in a while. However, you might be concerned that it sounds too promotional. You can make your Instagram product posts more engaging by using poll sticker questions. Several products could be displayed, and the audience could cast their votes for their favourite.

Adding a little of interactivity to your product advertising can’t be easier than this. If your audience is actively participating in the material, they are more likely to pay attention to the items you are promoting.