Here Are Eleven Ways To Use Instagram To Market Your Local Company

A local business’s use of Instagram may be rather effective. Here are 11 ways to get your audience involved and spread the word about your business.

First and foremost, get involved.

This will aid you in attracting fans who are interested in interacting with your posts.

To build your brand’s credibility in the Instagram community, you should engage in discussions started by other users and companies (even your direct rivals). Engage with the material they are creating and talk to other people on Instagram.

Reposting local content on Instagram is a great way to strengthen your community.

Reposting material from local followers, other local companies, and local celebrities on a daily basis is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility in your town and on Instagram.

If you showcase someone’s stuff on your site, not only will they be flattered, but so will their fans.

Your “shout out” might get them some new followers and exposure in the neighbourhood if they share it on Instagram. A victory in any case!

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Your company’s Instagram is a natural extension of your whole identity.

You should maintain some level of consistency across all platforms, especially with regards to the tone and personality created by your business, even while Instagram is a unique medium that can (and should be utilised to achieve distinct objectives from other touchpoints, including your other social media accounts.

Don’t mass-post

Your voice and persona should be consistent throughout all of your social media platforms, but repetition is the kiss of death.

Avoid “blanket posting,” or utilising the same message and material across numerous social media channels, by walking a fine line between consistency and sharing fresh content.

Exhibit the Local Way of Life

The local way of life represented by your company is the one your customers really lead after making a purchase from you.

If you include locations that are important to your target audience, they will be able to more easily see your items as part of their daily lives.

Follow Current Trends

Businesses have long recognised the opportunity holidays present to connect with customers through seasonal messaging.

Posting material that is both engaging and relevant to your local audience is a terrific strategy to be noticed in your area.

Paying attention to the news, events in your neighbourhood, and community-specific holidays might help you discover hot hashtags in your area.

Following other companies, local celebrities, and community thought leaders on Instagram may be helpful since you can see what keywords are currently popular in their posts and get ideas for your own.

Ignoring controversial issues is preferable since they are so sensitive to many individuals. Do not bring up politics, religion, or any other contentious issues.

Promote Regionally-Specific Hashtags

When we talk about hashtags, we can see many similarities to search engine optimisation keywords.

Instagram accounts should prioritise geo-specific hashtags in order to increase their local visibility.

You may reach local customers by using hashtags that indicate the location of your business.

It’s also a good idea to include hashtags related to your location and the industry in which you operate. Once more, hashtags are quite similar to keywords.

You want your company’s Instagram post to show up when individuals in Chicago look for a hairdresser on Instagram, as you’re a hairstylist in Chicago.

Put a link to your site in your bio

Including a clickable link to your website from your Instagram profile is, maybe obviously, essential.

You should take use of Instagram’s one and only linkable area, the bio of your company page.

Without this link, your followers can’t convert into customers or brand advocates by visiting your website or purchasing your stuff.

Your Instagram bio should contain a link to wherever you want people to go once they’ve finished seeing your posts.

Develop Original, High-Quality Content

It probably goes without saying, but many Instagram company profiles often share content that is low-resolution, fuzzy, or badly designed.

Rather than merely utilising your phone’s camera, consider upgrading if you want to stand out on Instagram.

You may hire a professional photographer if you really want to wow people with your images.

Intend to geotag your posts?

While this may seem like an easy tactic, many small companies in the area fail to use it.

Your Instagram followers (and Instagram itself) require directions if you want them to find and visit your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Always Keep Tabs on Your Progress

The tastes of your Instagram followers will inevitably shift as a result of shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours.

It’s important to monitor your content’s performance and look into the causes of any unexpected increases in interaction.


To bring culture to life is where Instagram truly excels.

You may highlight the qualities that make your company stand out through the comments area and by the sharing of personal experiences.

It provides a large number of channels for people to find and interact with you, whether you depend solely on organic posting or also use sponsored advertisements.

This tendency is likely to continue as the network expands its promoted content and buying options. The sooner you jump on board the $80 billion retail social commerce train predicted by eMarketer for 2025, the better.

Don’t lose sight of your local market while you explore the fascinating new frontier of social media.