How To Jumpstart Your Instagram IGTV Strategy 

Instagram IGTV has become a popular platform for brands and businesses to connect with their potential audiences. It removes the limitation of video length that other social media channels have. With IGTV, you can create long vertical video content that is very useful and interesting for your audience. 

IGTV allows a regular user to post 10-minute video content, and a verified account on Instagram can post up to 60-minute videos. Before you start posting your IGTV videos, you need to create a solid IGTV strategy. Are you wondering how to create a successful IGTV strategy? Here are the five steps to get started. 

#1. Create Content For Your Audience

Content ideas are one of the first things for creating a winning IGTV strategy. Before posting videos, decide what type of content to post on Instagram TV to grow your audience. 

You can post various kinds of videos on IGTV like webinars, interviews, how tos, recipes etc, that interests your audience and boosts engagement for your profile. But still, if you are not getting enough engagement, you need to think how to get Instagram TV Views to increase your video reach with a wider audience.  If you are confused on what to post in your IGTV videos, create a poll using Instagram stickers, share it on your story, and see what your audience would like to watch. 

#2. Use IGTV Vertical Videos

IGTV videos can be shot in both portrait and landscape. Many video editors are preferred to shoot landscape videos. But I recommend vertical video is good for IGTV because it is easier to watch on mobile devices. 

Many people put their screen rotation option off, and they do not rotate their screen to watch your full videos. Instead, they move to the next video on Instagram. 

It is better to go with IGTV vertical videos to make things easier for your audience. You can directly shoot vertical videos. It will save you a lot of effort and time that you need to spend on editing videos. 

#3. Add Subtitles For IGTV Videos

Did you know most social media users watch videos with the sound turned off? Yes, it’s true. This is why you should always add subtitles to your Instagram Tv videos. 

Adding a subtitle and popup-up text to your video will make your audience understand your video without sound on. Moreover, your videos will be accessible to people who are deaf, and the subtitles will make them understand your video content.

#4. Select An Attractive Cover Photo

When someone scrolls your IGTV feed on Instagram, the first thing they see is your cover photo. Your cover photo gives the first impression to your viewers. So create an attractive cover photo to grab your user’s attention and boost them to watch your entire video on IGTV. 

If you don’t choose any cover image, Instagram randomly selects an image from your IGTV videos. To avoid this, choose an amazing cover photo. Make sure to set good quality images in your cover photo because people will skip your video if you have blurry images. 

#5. Promote Your IGTV Videos

Even if you create valuable content, you can’t expect everyone to watch it on their own. You need to make your IGTV videos easily findable for your target audience. 

First, you need to share a teaser on your Instagram feed to let your audience know that you have created a new IGTV video. Instagram automatically provides the option to your IGTV videos on your feeds. 

#6. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective tactics for creating a successful social media marketing strategy. Because using hashtags helps you to find an audience who is interested in your product or content. 

Use hashtags in your IGTV video to reach a wider audience and to explore your business reach. Add a relevant hashtag in your video content so that you may get more customers to your business. 


Now you know some of the most effective ways to start your Instagram IGTV marketing strategy to skyrocket your business or brand reach. Use these above ideas to create a successful IGTV strategy and grow a wider audience.