How To Grow Instagram Followers In 2023?

Instagram growth is already challenging. But hear me out when I argue that you need not resort to such tired methods of community building as loop giveaways or comment pods. That’s why in this post I’ll go through the best strategies for attracting Instagram followers in 2023.

Being an influencer full-time has allowed me to outsmart the Instagram bots and amass 100k followers. The wonderful thing is that my pupils are experiencing the same type of natural development I am!

One of the people who took my Instagram course grew their following from four thousand to ninety thousand in a single year.

Let’s go right into the strategic considerations, which have nothing to do with chance.

Instagram: How to Gain Fans Without Endorsing Content

Want to know the actual deal about gaining Instagram followers naturally? Listed below:

Improve the quality and consistency of your postings

Yep. That’s as plain as it gets. While I will be outlining 22 strategies for attracting organic Instagram followers, the ONE thing you should remember from this post is the importance of maintaining a regular posting schedule. 

In the end, producing high-quality material on Instagram on a regular basis is the most effective strategy for attracting new followers and engaging existing ones. No one likes to break it to budding artists, though, because “hard.”
How to Get Instagram Followers Naturally in the Year 2023 (and Beyond) Tip #1 Keep Your Photos and

Feed Looking Consistent

Keeping your Instagram feed looking cohesive is a terrific strategy to keep attracting new followers naturally. Aesthetic picture editing software can help you achieve this.

You may save yourself time in the editing game by making a preset based on your preferred editing technique. 

It’s about having a recognizability aspect to your feed, even if you just shoot iPhone photographs and don’t edit them. That may imply that you constantly end up being the focus of your photos, or that you have a distinct personal aesthetic.
Be sure your profile looks polished and complete.

You’ve chosen a photo preset, but have you given any thought to the rest of your profile?

You want people to recognise your brand as soon as they come on your profile.

Take care that everything of your profile reflects your brand and look consistently: 

  • Featured Instagram Covers
  • Your In-Profile Photo
  • The cohesion and continuity of your photo series.
  • Such attention to detail is really appreciated.

Put Your Feed and Posts on a Schedule

To get more organic Instagram followers in 2023, you need plan and schedule your posts in advance.

Having a consistent feed design and not having to constantly worry, “Oh no! What should I write about today?” 

Let’s be honest: that’s when we either don’t post at all or come up with a lame caption that no one cares about.

The ability to plan posts in advance means I can avoid worrying about being able to access my account when I’m not at home. 

Including Instagram sponsored posts in a natural way may be accomplished with some little planning.


This method to increase Instagram popularity is widely used. Some individuals have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of hunkering down because they associate it with the unpleasant sensation of being confined.
When you narrow your focus, you can post more tailored material on Instagram. Improve your sense of purpose and discover infinite opportunities to brand everything you share. 

Making material that caters to a narrow audience will increase the likelihood that those people will subscribe to your feed. Then you may win them over as a devoted follower.

Take Advantage of Niche-Specific Hashtags

Even though I don’t particularly enjoy using them, hashtags are a terrific method to make your content searchable on Instagram now that Instagram Search has been introduced.

Consider them the equivalent of keywords for your writing. Use the precise hashtag #styletips in a post on style advice, for instance. This will ensure that your Instagram posts are seen to anybody looking for fashion advice.

Have Your Own Hashtag: Make It Up

Developing a customised hashtag is a fantastic strategy for expanding your Instagram audience.

You’ll drive wild engagement from your followers when you come up with a clever hashtag, promote its use, and then publish examples of it in your tales.

After that, both new and existing followers will try to get featured on your Stories using the hashtag in the hopes that you will see them. The capacity to be easily shared is crucial when thinking about how to naturally increase your Instagram following.

Get Real and Focused on Your Goals (Major Key to Instagram Organic Growth)

You have a great reputation, but do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing? Why are you on social media, and why should others care about you? When you know your purpose, you can devote yourself fully to producing material that attracts new fans.

Just be yourself when you interact with others

Involvement can also be increased by doing this. I’m not suggesting you put yourself out there in a vulnerable way if doing so will make you feel bad. When I say “be genuine,” I mean to quit attempting to imitate everything you see online. 

Make a Multipart Story

Keep your brand image consistent across all platforms, not just showcase covers and images.

Prepare in preparation for your narratives. Keep your story’s destination and message in mind while you write. 

Make up backstories to go along with your best points! Are you interested in discussing cosmetics? Then, start a weekly story series called “Beauty Fridays” in which you talk about the fantastic cosmetics you’ve been using and adoring.