Five Unconventional Ways to Expand Your TikTok Audience

Building an audience on TikTok is crucial to your success as a creator on the site.

While gaining a large following on TikTok is desirable, it is also highly challenging, and not every strategy for doing so is equally time- or resource-intensive.Gaining followers on TikTok is not the same as it is on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram due to the platform’s unique norms.

1. Have a look at a free programme that helps you gain followers.

We’ve previously established how challenging it may be to increase your TikTok following. TikTok is transitory at the best of times, as are other social media sites; success or failure depends entirely on the preferences of the user base, who may or may not choose to follow you despite enjoying the material you’ve created. As a result, you may feel that collecting followers organically is an impossible task.

If that’s the case, you might want to look into a free follower service.

These services may be a great approach to increase your TikTok fanbase since they gradually add actual users to your following rather than just dumping in a bunch of bots.

With a follower service, increasing your following count is simple.

2. To promote content on several platforms simultaneously

TikTok was designed in many ways to work in tandem with existing social media platforms. Whether you’ve made a video on TikTok or found one you like, you can easily distribute it to other platforms using one of numerous in-app tools. Gaining traction on TikTok requires you to cross-promote your content and share it across as many channels as possible.

Now is the moment to establish yourself as a blossoming social media influencer on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s important to maximise exposure to your material, and cross-promotion is one way to do so. After all, there is some crossover across social media user bases, but not everyone uses Facebook or Instagram, making it more important to appeal to a wide range of users on TikTok.

3. Communicate with other TikTok content makers

Collaborating with other users to create content on TikTok is a great method to increase the number of people who follow both of you. While TikTok’s Duet and Stitch capabilities are helpful, this is much more than just using those tools. Instead, we mean reaching out to people on TikTok to see if they’d be interested in working with you to make a video with some original content. This is of utmost significance if you are a brand.

Keep in mind that you won’t get far if you try to work with a TikTok creator who isn’t in the same lane as you. If at all feasible, the artists you reach out to should share your target demographic and passions. Spreading your creative wings and honing your art on TikTok will be greatly aided by this strategy, as will your exposure to target audiences.

4. Make use of popular hashtags

Making posts that relate to popular hashtags is one strategy for attracting new followers. If you want to see what others are making on TikTok right now, you can either use the search box or look at videos in your For You stream. It’s smart to follow the latest fads wherever possible (unless, of course, they are harmful or offensive in some way).

Using trending hashtags increases your chances of being discovered, which in turn increases your chance of gaining new followers. Your content’s ability to strike trends will increase the likelihood that people will follow you. Nonetheless, you should still make sure that your films stand out and reflect your individuality. It’s still “your” work, so don’t “sell out” to boost your popularity and fan base at the expense of integrity.

5. Participate in discussions with other users by following them.

Collaborating with other TikTok users to create fresh material is a terrific method to grow your own following, and the same holds true for just following and interacting with other users. The TikTok community is a two-way street; if you put in the effort to interact with other users, they’ll be more likely to check out your own content.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t engage in overt attempts at promoting yourself. Authenticity and “realness” are paramount on TikTok, arguably more so than anywhere, to the extent that people will stop following you if they don’t think you’re making an effort to connect with them. Just enjoy yourself, engage with other users, and follow content providers whose work you enjoy; ultimately, the favour will be returned.