6 Effective Tips To Engage Your Audience On Instagram

In the past year or so, Instagram has become the go-to social network for picture marketers due to the compelling visuals it features. Instagram images, at their most effective, evoke strong feelings in viewers and leave a long-lasting impact.
It’s no surprise therefore that 71% of American businesses expect to be using the platform within the next 12 months.

Instagram also has a massive user base because of its emphasis on user interaction. In a 24-hour period, users offer an average of 4.2 billion “likes” to posts on the network, and the typical account sees a 237 percent increase in followers.

Of course, you could fall into the trap of focusing excessively on acquiring those followers, as is the case with any social network. However, the number of people who follow you is really a “vanity metric” and has little to do with actual sales.
The possibility exists, though. Half of all Instagram users follow brands, 60% learn about products and services through the platform, and 75% take some sort of action (such as visiting a website, running a search, telling a friend, or actually shopping) after being inspired by a photo.

Instagram may be a powerful sales tool, but only if you go into it with a strategy. However, it’s simpler to say than to actually accomplish. Instagram may be great for marketing, but it doesn’t allow any clickable assets except from the link in your bio.

How then might it be used to increase sales and organic, engaged traffic to a website? Here are six easy steps to help you get started.

Add a buy button to your posts

You’ll wish Instagram had come up with this “shoppable Instagram” solution first. All of your Instagram photos will be shown in an interface that looks and feels much like Instagram when your followers click the link in your bio to visit your Yotpo-powered Shoppable Instagram catalogue.
Yotpo’s robust tools for gathering and publishing verified customer reviews of your products are built right in, so you can leverage the persuasive power of social proof. Customers have more faith in the simplicity and safety of their transactions. the bottom line benefits, too. There is joy all around.

Don’t ever undervalue your call-to-actions (CTAs)

Instagram may be primarily a visual medium, but you can still include a compelling CTA in the content you share. Customers want to be guided through the next stages. Each and every one of your posts should end with a compelling call to action (CTA) to help convert readers into purchases.
A complicated call to action is unnecessary. A simple, “Love it?” can do the trick. To acquire your own, visit the link in our bio. Make sure the link in your bio goes to the correct product page, and watch the money come in. An external app can enhance the process, but linking, updating, and captioning can also be done manually.

Provide your loyal patrons discount vouchers

One of the most challenging aspects of selling can be convincing customers to buy for the first time. One of the most effective ways to convince your followers to buy is to offer them a discount. It enhances the value you offer your dedicated audience in a private setting.

Instagram posts like this, paired with the appropriate hashtag, have the potential to generate a lot of shares and likes thanks to the platform’s built-in integration with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. This strategy pays off handsomely because customers are more loyal if they know they may get a discount or two from your Instagram feed on a regular basis. You can attribute such sales directly to Instagram if you utilise promo codes that are unique to individual channels.

Hold a competition

Instagram contests are very popular with the audience. They can enter to win fantastic prizes in just a few seconds, and you’ll gain a flood of new buyers who have already perused your wares after seeing your contest post. Even if you’re a multi-channel retailer, you may utilise this strategy to entice customers to come into your stores. Simply insist that customers share selfies using your product on social media.

Instagram contests are a simple strategy for increasing your customer base, engagement, and revenue. It’s a different tale to control them and figure out who comes out on top. If you want to get the most out of your contest budget, Wishpond is a simple alternative that interfaces with a wide range of services, like MailChimp and Salesforce. Considering the app offers a free 14-day trial, there is little to lose by giving it a try.

Highlight the customers who are devoted to your company

Marketing gold in the form of user-created content. It’s the best method to get your customers invested in your brand and communicating with you personally. Instagram is different from other social media sites because of how easy it is to harness it.

Instagram’s quickness and popularity make it simple to find or request high-quality material and instantly share it with others. And when a buyer sees see real individuals using a product, they can more easily imagine themselves in a similar use scenario.

There are numerous entry points into this strategy. You can run a contest like I described above, give out discounts to the first one hundred people who post a photo of your product on social media with the designated hashtag.

Create a compelling (pictorial) narrative

You recognise the importance of storytelling but wonder how it can be accomplished without the use of language. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, so get started with that.

A good Instagram tale can be told with only one photograph. If your consumers have autoplay enabled, using Instagram videos allows you even more time to get your point through. You may put your imagination to the test by making a series of annotated posts using Instagram’s new Stories feature.