6 Social Media Tips To Boost Your Small Business

Posts on social media have the reach of watercooler chats, but can affect millions of people around the world at once. Now is the time for small businesses to take advantage of the growing online community because more people are online than ever before.

In the past, a company’s ability to invest in a marketing effort controlled how far that campaign would go. However, content rather than price drives social media success. The capacity to attract an audience has propelled digital influencers from relative obscurity to Internet celebrity status.

What are some ways to put this talent to use in promoting your own small business? While your target demographic and topic matter may change from sector to industry, you can always rely on these tried-and-true strategies to increase your online participation. Here are five methods guaranteed to raise awareness of your business across all mediums.

Develop Attention-Grabbing Material

This may sound apparent, but it’s not easy to come up with content that’s constantly interesting. There is so much information out there that it might be easy to become confused among all the options. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of a scrolling user and convince them that your post is worth reading.


Buzzfeed’s ability to craft attention-grabbing headlines is largely responsible for the site’s meteoric rise to prominence. Many of its attention-grabbing methods can be incorporated into your own writing, including the following:

  • Posing a query
  • Humorous Techniques
  • To include out-of-the-ordinary details
  • It’s also crucial to set a firm budget for charitable contributions. If the headline doesn’t give enough information, people won’t bother reading it. However, users may believe they don’t need to read the content if the headline provides too much information.


Just because your headline is catchy doesn’t mean your content is, either. If you want people to read the rest of your post and, more importantly, return to your website, you need to provide them something of value. This is why you should avoid the use of “clickbait” headlines. The term “clickbait” is used to describe online content with attention-grabbing titles and images that fail to deliver on the promise made. These are notorious for providing a false impression of the information contained in the linked article, damaging your reputation and making readers reluctant to visit your links in the future.

Be sure to attach visuals

Pictures are a great method to convey your message clearly and swiftly. Instagram is one such platform that was designed with this idea in mind. Visual elements such as videos, images, artwork, and infographics are great for attracting readers’ attention. Indeed, visuals can enhance interest by as much as 230%.


You don’t need a Hollywood budget or crew to make a fantastic video, but you should still aim for a high level of production value. Everyone knows that the Internet is a harsh critic, and that the best place to air complaints is on social media. Content that looks hastily produced or poorly crafted will do more harm to your brand than good.


One of the common pieces of advice for social media marketing is to ride the wave of whatever trend seems to be popular at the time. The popularity of Internet memes (jokes spread via the Internet) and challenges typically declines before businesses can produce content to capitalize on them. It is also crucial that you investigate the roots of a trend before referencing it. Due to the multiplicity of interpretations, viral internet jokes frequently outlive their initial intent.

Put money into community projects

The most influential people in any field almost never use terms like “viewers” or “visitors” to describe their audience. Creators should expect feedback in the form of comments, shares, and even reaction posts from their communities. In order to build a community, you need to start a dialogue, which is also the best way to get more people involved in your social media accounts.

Determine Who You Want to Read It

Although your online content is theoretically accessible to any Internet user, in practice, only a small fraction of the population will actually see it. Instead of trying to catch everyone’s attention, focus on attracting customers who already have an established interest in your field with carefully crafted content. These folks have the highest propensity to join your community, and they may even be a part of one just like it already. In fact, you can learn a lot about how to mold your own online community by analyzing the approaches taken by companies with significant followings on social media.

Inspire Participation

Every update is an opportunity to start a discussion, thus it’s important to provide people with incentives to do so.

Involve your listeners by having them talk about their own personal experiences related to the subject.
Initiate a survey or poll and invite feedback from your audience.
Offer prizes in connection with attaining certain goals.By inviting your readers to participate in the discussion through comments or votes, you gain their attention and interest. These efforts, taken together, have the potential to grow into a strong sense of community and belonging.

When an influencer reaches a milestone, such as a set number of subscribers, follows, shares, or likes, they often hold a giveaway to show their appreciation. Among the many reasons why this would be interesting to an audience is the possibility of receiving free goods or services.

Put Social Data to Use

Most of the big platforms will give you access to social insights, which include statistics about your postings, viewership, and engagement. Data for individual postings or for broader trends over time can be analyzed. There are also third-party services that will collect and analyze this data for you, which is especially useful if your company has yet to create a significant internet presence and thus lacks sufficient data to make informed decisions.