5 Proven TikTok Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

TikTok took only four years to capture people’s attention worldwide among the fast-growing social media platforms. Since TikTok came into existence in 2016, it has gained over 300 million active users within 2020. The influence of TikTok over brands went to an unpredictable level. From entertainment to brand marketing, TikTok rocks the world with drastic audience engagement. 

Do you want to find a way to grow your brand? TikTok suits the best for your growth. Look at the guide below to know the proven TikTok strategies to win the competition! Are you ready to boost your brand success as well with the TikTok marketing tactics? Let’s get started!

Why Choose TikTok For Marketing?

TikTok is growing daily with more active users. A recent report by Business of Apps revealed that TikTok got 1.2 billion active users by 2021 and is about to reach 1.5 billion active users by the end of December 2022. This number got the attention of marketers and creators to launch their marketing plans on TikTok to succeed in their business. With continuous improvement in popularity, more brands show their presence on TikTok to gain greater exposure. Here are some winning strategies to gain growth on TikTok!

#1. Switch To A Business Account

Like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok also provides a separate space for brands to boost their performance. TikTok’s business account comes with plenty of features to track the impressions, followers’ activities, and audience engagement rate. It also helps to find the right influencers for brands.

To set up a business account, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your TikTok account and choose the profile icon present at the bottom.
  • Then, click on the menu at the top-right corner and choose the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option, where you will see a ‘Manage account’ option.
  • Next, select ‘Switch to Business Account’ under the Account control option to complete your process.

Provide the correct information with appropriate keywords about your business to get the attention of your target audiences. 

#2. Find Your Target Audiences

After setting up your business account, you must do complete research on TikTok to find your target audiences. Use your potential customers’ data to identify your target audiences and know whether they are active on TikTok. Also, use the in-built analytics feature on TikTok to gather your audience insights. Find the age and location of your ideal audiences to increase your brand reach and understand how to get TikTok followers quickly in that specific region. Targeting the demographics of audiences provides greater chances to convert them into your followers with engaging content.

#3. Collaborate With Influencers

If you want to gain faster results on TikTok, collaborate with influencers to establish a fanbase for your brand. Since influencers already have potential followers, partnering with them boosts your content popularity and achieves your goals faster. It is necessary to find influencers who have similar target audiences as you do and connect with them to gain more exposure for your brand. Choosing micro-influencers with about 15k followers will be best to get audience engagement than macro-influencers.

#4. Perform Competitor Content Analysis

Find the strategies that your competitors have used in their content. Apply them to your content. Hope it would work well in your brand promotion. But how to do competitor analysis on TikTok? Note the content of your competitors and their results. Also, take a deep analysis of the competitor’s content that got greater engagement and impressions to use in your videos for gaining success.

#5. Monitor Your Account’s Performance

Finally, monitor your content performance and make changes in strategy accordingly. Use  TikTok analytics to track your audience as well as performance metrics such as likes, views, shares, and comments. Also, the tool helps to find the location, gender, age, and active times of a specific audience who watch your TikTok videos.

Final Thoughts

With more than one billion active users, TikTok has become an effective platform to showcase your brand with a perfect marketing strategy. The tips mentioned above show you how to make engaging TikTok videos for your audiences to increase brand engagement and succeed in your brand quickly!